Full Filing:

Case:  99-2510    Guzman, Lisa Kay

Arrest Date: 01/18/1999     — Arapahoe County, Colorado


 Count1 - Class 5 FELONY MENACING (Statute: 18-3-206) 

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On 01-18-99 / approx. 22:10 hrs, the victim (Mr Guzman) and his wife (Mrs Lisa Guzman) became embroiled in an argument at their residence.

Mrs Guzman began throwing items at Mr Guzman, and striking him in the back with both fists.

Then, at one point, she got out Mr Guzmans .357 (loaded) revolver our of the closet. Held it with both hands, pointed it at Mr Guzman and stated “You ruined my life!”

After a short stand off (holding her husband at gun point), she pointed the gun at her own head, before placing it back into the gun case.

- Mr. Guzman because fearful for his own safety during the incident.

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01/19/1999 - Restraining Order is filed against Lisa K. Guzman by the state of Colorado to protect Mr. Frank Guzman. 

Case:  99-8251    Guzman, Lisa Kay

Arrest Date: 01/26/1999     — Arapahoe County, Colorado


 Count 1 - Class 4 FELONY TAMPERING WITH A WITNESS (Statute: 18-8-707) 

Count 2 - Class 7 FELONY VIOLATION OF BOND CONDITIONS (Statute: 18-8-212)

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That Lisa K. Guzman, DOB 6-22-64 Did allegedly tamper with a victim by convincing her husband and daughter to change their respective accounts of a domestic violence incident that occurred in the family home on 01-18-99. 

Further by her being at the residence and in contact with her husband, she is in violation of a lawfully issued restraining order. Since these new violations have happened while out on bond for 99CR145, Lisa K. Guzman is also in violation of bond conditions.

4/23/99 Pleads Guilty to:

 Count 1 - Class 5 FELONY MENACING (Statute: 18-3-206) 

Count 2 - Class M-1 ASSAULT IN 3RD DEGREE

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