Monnet’s Fraudulent Claim of Harassment

Approximately 2 months after being served with her lawsuit, Monnet threatened (via attorney) that she would file a claim of sexual harassment if the lawsuit against her was not dropped. 

Monnet was advised (via attorney) that any fraudulent claims made in an attempt to gain leverage against the lawsuit would be unsuccessful.  On 02/07/2018 Monnet personally filed an EEOC charge of discrimination on the basis of sexual harassment. 

Response to Fraudulent Allegations

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Unsurprisingly, on 06/12/2018 Monnet’s claims were dismissed  

Despite all claims being dismissed, Monnet continues to make mention of “sexual harassment” in an attempt to gain leverage for which there is no basis.  For example, on 8/22/2018 it was mentioned again: 


Full Filing:

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